Friday, February 4, 2011

Who Are You?

 Open up the ear in your heart. Then you can make art with your talents.

There is no such thing as original counterfeit. 

You cant love nobody until you let God love you.

When you love somebody, VERB them! (God is a verb. God is love, Therefore, love is a verb.)

The only thing that's worthy of being inside you is the love of God.

The reason why you do what other people say is because you love them.

Everything comes from plants.

Friends are like elevator buttons.  They either take you up, or down.

Lets go-go. Get-it-get-it.

Love one another on "one". Break.

The suffix "cide" means the act of killing. Example: homicide, suicide, pesticide.
Decide who you are in Christ.
Kill who you are not.

Identity. Who are you?

Quotes From Lee Rouson. Former running back for the NY GIANTS

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