Tuesday, October 4, 2011


At some point in life, it all changes.

Think about all the people that you know. Family members. Friends. People who have cashed you out at Wegmans. People you pass on the street. Etc. Etc.
Or how about... how many friends you have on facebook??
That's a LOT of people.

Significant or not, you have had moments with those people. However, some of those people become your friends. And even more moments are created. 
More time is spent with the ones you care about most.
Am I right?

But when change comes, and physical distance is added to that friendship.. something happens.
A universal "forgetfulness" 
Of course every memory is still there in your mind, but that kind gesture, or simple "hello" is forgotten because they don't physically pass you everyday.

This is all a part of growing up. This is what happens. 
Moments of your life will collide with billions of other's. 
And the friends that will always care will fight the distance. 
They will fight the universal "forgetfulness" to still be a part of your life forever.


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  1. even though we have been so many miles apart for so many years thank you for fighting the universal forgetfulness to keep our bond of sisterhood so strong. i <3 you!!!