Thursday, December 22, 2011

God Moment

When you're in a rut, all out of hope, buried under a pile of dung, sunk lower than your boots, what do you do?

My answer, I pray.

The Bible says God either answers "yes" "no" or "wait"

Today, when the wolf named Ellie ran from my yard, both Joe and I were praying while searching the neighborhood. But when we finally came home, done everything we could have done, turned the car off, we bowed our heads and Joe began to pray. Almost instantly God thought it to be funny to answer "yes"! My neighbor, Blake, was pounding on the window shouting "I found her!" (Thanks God!!)

Way later that night I noticed my hamster to be missing. Thanks to pure stupidity on my part for leaving a hole in the top of her cage when I know she is a climber.

You would think that I learned my lesson from God already. I mean, He showed me earlier that if I take time to relax, and leave it in His hands, He will answer.

However, I treated the situation as "bad luck", it "ruined my good day", and "maybe I should change my major because I keep losing animals". When my mom came into my room to pray I barely listened because I was so frustrated at myself.

For some reason, I stayed awake. I was ready for bed, door closed, alarm set, and I declared the hamster as dead in my mind. But instead of falling asleep, I opened my computer. Half an hour later, the little fur-ball runs across my floor!

God taught me two things today: One, stay cool and really give the situation to Him. He is listening, but He can only respond when you're sincere and waiting. Two, big or small/once or twice, He still cares and He is still there. He isn't "done helping you for the day" or "sick of your requests".

He will always care, because He always loves.

That's a great thought to fall asleep to <3

-2:30 a.m. Rachel signing out.

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