Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Yearn: to have an earnest or strong desire; to long; to feel tenderness; be moved or attracted.
What do you yearn for?
The comfort of your loved one?
That note to sound just right?
A laugh from an old friend?
Your parents to lay off?
A good nights sleep?
One more day with someone you lost?
A hug from that best friend?
A big bowl of ice cream?
Your child to behave?
A moment to relax?
Another chance?
You may want these things, but do you yearn them?
To me, yearning means more than a desire. It’s more than a strong wanting. Yearning is a feeling in my heart; A heaviness that emotionally pulls me towards that person, or action. If you know me, you know I cry a lot. But when I yearn my heart is clinging to my chest so tightly that my eyes cannot even water. When I yearn I need to move, to dance. I need to do or sing something in order to get my emotions out into the world.
Do you know this feeling too? Is there something you truly yearn for?
Are you like me, expressing it in private? What good is it going to do hidden? What change to the world will it bring if no one knows it exists?
This is what my heart longs for: people.
Those I know, those I have yet to smile with, and those I will never get to meet.
My heart especially yearns for those who do not know the Lord. Those who are lost in the physical world; Trying to fill themselves with man-made desires.
My heart yearns to never be selfish. And the most selfish thing I could ever do is to keep the love the Lord has shown me a secret.
So I am writing now, in hopes that someone will read and question what or who they are living for. Because that someone or that thing will determine what you yearn for; and how you live your life.
“God can testify how I long for all of you with the affection of Christ Jesus.” Phil 1:8
What do you yearn for?