Friday, January 1, 2016

Forced to Remember

Originally I wrote a blog titled "Holiday Blues" where I complained about the struggles of emotions throughout the holiday season. But I realized that sometimes it is best to shut up, stop complaining, and choose to be happy about what has come to pass. So, I forced myself to go through Facebook and Instagram and remember the amazing moments I had this year.

Thank you everyone who made 2015 a wonderful experience!

My man. 

My three favorite men.

Medaille graduation.

I went on a cruise to Alaska!

Ziplining through the forests, Alaskan husky mushing, horseback riding, and whales. It was spectacular and beautiful.

Doppler turned 1!

My favorite place in the entire world - Nicks Lake, ADK.

Chicago! For a whole week, and I absolutely loved it.

Experienced my first wine tour.

First time at the state fair and we befriended sea lions!

I made new friends to cherish <3

Baby Emma was born!

Taunte Chrissy beat cancer!

First Christmas spent with Oma and Opa, I will never forget.

Cheers to this wonderful year!
Thank you everyone for your love, support, and happiness.
May you have a blessed 2016!